Ensure Security in Cloud with Data Encryption

Today, cloud security is considered one of the most popular services on the Internet.

The systems offer the ability of convention information security systems, which means that parents are responsible for their physical development. Cloud agents provide critical information against theft, leaves and hair. In this article, we take a look at which points of interest can be found in the trust.

The security concerns of long-term concerned non-professional users and large organizations. Calculator calculations are possible on a beautiful and serious level. In November, the UpGuard cyber risk project reported that 1.8 billion Pentagon documents were unprotected by an insignificant error in access settings. The information, which does not contain all classified information, is stored on three public cloud service servers. This is another example of the fact that even the organization of this level that works with critical information is not immune to data security issues. Small and medium-sized businesses, respectively, can’t help but think about these issues.

What Are Clouds?

Over the past decade, the word cloud in its numerical sense has become so entrenched in daily life that it is rarely taken in quotation marks. In simple terms, it is the computing infrastructure necessary for users – i.e. servers, data warehouses, software, networks – that is provided by the supplier to deploy and operate the systems required by the customer. All of this is provided online, and therefore does not require the user to own any equipment – it is provided by the service provider. In this case, we are talking about the so-called “public cloud” – in contrast to the private one, created by an organization for its internal needs.

Clouds offer many obvious advantages – no need to keep a team of skilled professionals running their own data center, the ability to avoid capital costs for their own equipment, the ability to ask and pay only the set of necessary services and much more

Encryption – the Path to a Secure Cloud?

By default, cloud storage systems provide only one service: hosting your information. You copy your files to the cloud and then view them, share them with friends and process them in the interface of this website. A more advanced level of service involves the use of cloud storage as a social network and photo stream. But what if you not only need to move information from your local device to the cloud, but also keep it as secure as possible?

Why Should Cloud Storages Be Encrypted?

There is an obvious answer to this question: because cloud storage, unfortunately, is prone to hacking. It is possible that all the personal data you fill in will fall into the hands of intruders, so it will not be superfluous to play it safe. Plus, sometimes scammers aren’t necessary – after all, cloud admins have access to the information! And relying on their conscience is certainly not worth it.

Of course, you can bundle all your personal information into an archive with a password and “upload” it to the “cloud” (and that will ALREADY be fine!), but, as we all know, the password is easy to grasp. , but the encryption hash key cannot be opened like this…

Cloud Data Encryption

Thus, we realized that it is strictly necessary to encrypt the data. But unfortunately, in the field of information storage security, the situation is sad. Many sites offer maximum access to their cloud storage over a secure connection. This is of course not bad, but absolute data protection can only be ensured by encrypting the information itself. Here’s how:

Use Dedicated Encryption Software

For example, Boxcryptor can become such a program. The utility is very easy to use – it encrypts all information specified in settings on the fly before even copying it to the cloud.

The program has a good interface, requires account registration and client installation on all devices where you will use cloud storage. It is not necessary to purchase a paid version of this software for non-commercial use.